H2W / SPC Sorbents


Oil Only, Industrial and Chemical adsorbents and Spill Kits to keep your facility safe and clean

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Industrial Sorbents

Industrial Sorbents adsorb oil and water. Ideal for leaks and drips around machinery, under pipes, or in messy traffic areas. Any type of industrial maintenance, or spill situation. Pads, rolls, socks and extra tough & absorbent Combat Matting.


Chemical Sorbents

Chemical Sorbents

Chemical Sorbents are chemically inert and ideal for aggressive fluids. Yellow color allows immediate indication when saturated by chemicals and hazardous materials

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Oil Only Sorbents

Oil only sorbents adsorb oil and no water. They are used primarily outdoors to remove oil from water in rivers, creeks, marshes and any body of water that is contaminated with oil.


Specialty & Custom Sorbents

H2W can produce very fine, low weight, non linting fibers that are ideal for clean room and high tech applications. When high absorbency and overall performance are critical to your conditions, ask about specialty sorbents. Custom sizing upon request.