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H2W has over 35 years of experience manufacturing and delivering industrial, safety and environmental products around the globe. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner to help grow your business, look no further. H2W will supply elite products at competitive prices.



COVID -19 Response

Fast delivery, excellent pricing, H2W has two leading face masks available for distributors. We have personally vetted the factories and can guarantee consistent, quality products for both professional and public use.

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Giving Back

H2W has donated over 40,000 face masks to the following charities

These philanthropic entities are including our face masks in their food distributions to the needy and most vulnerable in their communities.

Sorbent and Containment Boom Specialists

H2W has partnered with two of the leading manufacturers in this business segment. SPC / Brady and Parker Systems, both pioneers in their industries since the 1970’s. These two giants have lead the way in assisting the world clean-up spills, whether on land and in-water. Buy the Best of the Best…H2W, SPC and Parker Systems.

As a H2W distributor, you can consolidate these products on one shipping container. …Convenient, money saving and quality guaranteed.

Oil Spill - sorbent boom
Face Mask

Specialty Fibers and Custom Products

H2W can deliver the finest MBPP (Melt Blown Polypropylene) fibers that can be used for face mask production, filtration media and a multitude of high-tech applications. If you are looking for a custom product to meet your manufacturing requirements, please contact the professionals at H2W.